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PPC Campaign Tune Up  

Are your paid search campaigns suffering from inattention?  Are you paying more and more per click, just to watch your positions continue to sink?  There are dozens of reasons why PPC campaigns underperform or, even worse, fail!  Before you pull the plug, consider investing in a PPC Audit, followed by a PPC Tune Up. 

To say that paid search is changing at a rapid pace is an understatement!  Google AdWords and bingAds role out changes with blinding speed, continually offering new methods of ad delivery and presentation of goods and services with the highest degree of relevance.  This constant change demands constant campaign oversight, optimization and analysis.  If your strategies aren't current and focused on "relevance", well, you're going to be left behind.

With a PPC Tune Up, the specific recommendations proposed in the Audit are implemented to get your Campaigns back on track and purring like a kitten.  We'll enable the Google Innovations relevant to your business, including strategies for:


  • Bids and budgets
  • Location and geo-targeting
  • Device and mobile visibility
  • Shopping and datafeed optimization
  • Audience targeting for Remarketing
  • Competitive dominance


In addition to a tuned up Campaign, you'll receive specific instructions for on-going management to improve ROI and all performance metrics.

PPC Tune Ups begin at $1500 and price is dependent upon size and complexity of your PPC account.

To discuss how a Tune Up can benefit you, contact us for more information! 






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