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PPC Campaign Audit

Already have a pay per click campaign, but aren't sure if it's working properly? ppc-Strategies will conduct a top to bottom audit of your Campaign settings, keyword groupings, bidding strategy, and ad message. We will dig deeply into your Analytics to evaluate post-click visitor behavior and analyze ROI down to the keyword level.  You will receive a thorough review with concrete recommendations to improve your return on ad spend.

Google, and Bing are continually adding features (and complexity) to their delivery networks.  With a ppc-Strategies audit, you'll learn how to leverage new advertising opportunities to improve your campaigns, including:

  • Dynamic Remarketing
  • Shopping
  • Mobile
  • Display
  • YouTube (AdWords for Video)

Audits begin at $1500 and price is dependent upon the complexity and size of your PPC Account.  If you would like to learn how your business can leverage all the latest pay per click opportunities and increase your return on investment, submit your request now for a PPC audit!









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