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How to report Adroll traffic in Analytics

We recently started testing Adroll's retargeting platform for a large ecommerce client.  Adroll's reporting capability is mostly limited to basic traffic and conversion reporting.  To better understand the value of this channel, we turn to Google Analytics.  And, to facilitate ease of reporting in Google Analytics, we applied UTM tags to our Adroll banner creative.  We chose, UTM_source=adroll&UTM_medium=cpc.  We could also apply Campaign (for retargeting list) and Content (for creative dimensions) tags.  

Google Analytics now recognizes Adroll traffic regardless of the actual placement URL in the "all traffic" acquisition report.  In this report, we have filtered on "cpc" which distills our report to just paid search channels (note:  we recently removed all old msn/cpc tags from our BingAds in favor of auto-tagging for Analytics, which now reports traffic as bing/cpc)

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Early results reveal better than average engagement for pages/session and average session duration.  So far so good.

Now, we need to understand how Adroll returns visitors from our top channels (cpc, organic, social, etc.), so we created a new Custom Channel Grouping.  The Multi-Channel Funnel report reveals how Adroll performs in tandem with our other channels:

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For this particular client, the path to conversion is long (up to 6 months), and frequently converts offline with a phone call or assistance from live chat.  So, maintaining full Brand visibility is crucial.  We will continue to employ both AdWords Remarketing and Dynamic Remarketing and Adroll.

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