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How to use AdWords Labels to bridge PLA & Shopping Campaign reports

We focus heavily on "before/after" performance for our clients' paid search campaigns to determine the outcome of major campaign changes, bid strategies, etc.  One of the most important trends we measure is performance of Google Shopping campaigns as compared to the old "Product Listing Ad" campaigns.

The "switch" last year involved significant reconfiguration of one client's datafeed.  We were forced to abandon our very carefully crafted "adwords_grouping" and "adwords_labels" that were supported by the old PLA campaigns in favor of new Shopping attributes for "product type" and "custom labels".  This was no small task, so the changeover was not without it's challenges.

In order to monitor month over month (and now year over year) performance between these two campaigns, we use AdWords labels.  Labels allow us to generate consistent KPI graphs in the reporting console.  Without labels, we are stuck with comparing two graphs for PLA vs Shopping like this:

To report the performance across campaigns, we apply a label to each of the campaigns like this:


Now, when we filter on our Campaign label, the continuous performance from PLA to Shopping is plotted on the same graph like this:

Yes, we could simply filter at the Campaign tab on the common portion of our campaign naming convention "ALL-", however, the label is useful in the Dimensions tab report.  Here, we compare PLA+Shopping campaigns against Search network and Display network campaigns:

Click for larger image


The more we use AdWords labels, the more useful they become!







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